Formula 1 2017 testing taking shape

4 September 2016

New dates for 2017 Formula 1 pre season testing have emerged with a European location ‘highly likely’ to host two, four-day test sessions.

There will be a total of eight pre season test days in 2017, despite the sport seeing the biggest technical regulation shake up in recent history.

According to Paul Hembery, motorsport director for Pirelli, he has hinted that pre season testing will be in Europe.

“The understanding is that we’re likely to be in Europe as we have done this year so from our point of view, it doesn’t really help from that point of view.”

This underlines the fact that pre season testing won’t be taking place in a warmer part of the world which would aid teams in understanding the real behaviour of the new 2017 specification Pirelli tyres.

The majority of pre season testing has recently taken place between the Circuit de Catalunya and Jerez, both located in Spain.

The two circuits are preferred due to them being reasonably local for all teams as opposed to a long haul flight away, with the weather being relatively warm for the northern hemisphere winter climate.

Despite hints being dropped of European testing pre season testing has taken place further afield lately, with two, four-day tests taking place in Bahrain in 2014.

According to Autosport pre season testing will start on 27th February for four days and then a second pre season test will start for four days on March 7th.

2017 Pre Season Testing

27th February to 2nd March

7th March to 10th March


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