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3 August 2016

The latest issue of Race Tech Magazine is out now, get your copy of RT 190 to read up on the Green GT H2, Formula Student 2016 and safety in F1.

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A Wonder Fuel World – The prospect of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car racing at Le Mans urges Chris Ellis to ponder the future.

Enter the Saint – Williams F1’s Pat Symonds explains to Soheila Kimberley the impact the ‘halo’ is having on next year’s cars.

King of F1’s Castle – Thermal efficiency, the new regs and working with customers – William Kimberley gets an update on such things from Andy Cowell, managing director of Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, at the British Grand Prix.

Simon Says…Gilles Simon is a Formula 1 engine man with a considerable amount of experience which he is now using to good effect on the Honda Racing F1 programme, as William Kimberley finds out.

Race on Sunday Cell on Monday – Almost unnoticed, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered racing car completed a full lap of Le Mans before the 24-hour race. Chris Pickering examines the return of the GreenGT H2.

The Final Countdown? – The end of the line for the internal combustion engine? You’re having a laugh. William Kimberley talks to Mahle Motorsport’s Fred Türk about how lessons being learnt in racing are being applied to road cars.

A Message From Hell – Ford’s domination of the Norwegian round of the World RX series, staged at Hell, raised alarm bells. The Swedish event that followed confirmed rivals’ fears: the new Focus RS RX is a genuine contender for the title. Hal Ridge explains why.

Dawn of a new ICE age? – Exclusions, heroics and F1-size egos, this year’s Formula Student had it all – even, for the first time in five years, an internal combustion engine-powered winner! Seb Scott picks out some of the highs and lows.

Record Braking – Grunt and courage are the two essential ingredients when going up Pikes Peak at full throttle, but there’s a third element that needs to be added to the mix if you want to do the job properly, as William Kimberley discovers.

It’s a Mini, Or is it? – Sort of, is the answer. David Finlay examines one of the most compelling cars in the British Hillclimb Championship

Piloti, che gente! – The latest bust-up between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg triggers a flashback for Sergio Rinland, who found himself between a warring Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet.



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