Ekrem Sami leaves McLaren Marketing

16 February 2017

McLaren Marketing’s chief executive, Ekrem Sami, has announced his decision to leave the company after working at the Surrey based outfit for 35 years.

“Over the past 35 years I’ve worked with some truly brilliant people,” said Sami, “I want to say thank you to them all. Our successes were a team effort in the most fundamental way.”

“I don’t mind admitting that it feels a bit strange to be announcing that I’m moving on from McLaren,” added Sami, “the company to which I’ve devoted almost all my professional life. But now is the right time.

“However, I’ll continue to work on the projects with which I’m already engaged, and I expect to formalise my departure some time in late March.”

Sami’s departure is being viewed as part of what is being dubbed as the “de-Ronification” of McLaren since the departure of Ron Dennis in November 2016.

“Whatever Ekrem chooses to do with the rest of his professional life, I’ll always regard him as a McLaren man through and through,” said Zak Brown, executive director of the McLaren Technology Group. “His commitment and work ethic remain absolutely second to none, and I feel privileged to have worked with him for so long – not only recently as his McLaren colleague but also, over many years, as his close associate, during my time at Just Marketing International.

“Ekrem and I achieved a lot together, and I don’t mind admitting that I learned a hell of a lot from him. His commitment to the McLaren cause has never wavered, and you’d have to look very hard to find a man who works harder than he does.

“Bearing all that in mind, I’m confident that he’ll excel in whatever areas he next chooses to ply his trade. He and I will definitely stay in touch, but I’ll miss being his colleague. We all will. But we wish him well.”




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