McLaren named 2018 Formula E battery supplier

29 September 2016

McLaren Applied Technologies will exclusively supply full race distance batteries to Formula E for seasons five (2018/2019) and six (2019/2020).

The motorsport technology firm was selected by the World Motorsport Council with support from independent experts. It will supply a battery that lasts the entire race distance and has signed a short term contract due to the aggressive development of battery technology.

“We’re delighted McLaren has been chosen by the FIA to be the sole supplier of batteries to Formula E from 2018 to 2020,” said Rodi Basso, motorsport director of McLaren Applied Technologies. “Our new battery will almost double the energy storage, eliminating the need for drivers to swap cars during a race.”

Williams Advanced Engineering is the current battery supplier to Formula E and has been since the championship started.

Currently each driver has to swap cars at the mid point of each race due to the energy capacity of the battery.

The crossover point should change for season three however, thanks to 50 per cent increase in energy harvesting.



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