PERRINN offers 2018 LMP1 Hybrid car

8 February 2017

Open source engineering and design developer PERRINN has revealed that is offering an LMP1 Hybrid car to interested teams for 2018.

A statement from PERRINN detailed: “We are offering our LMP1 to racing teams for the 2018 season.”

The online based company has no physical headquarters, and relies on support from the online community to contribute designs and computer time to complete CFD runs and other types of computer based simulation.

According to PERRINN, its open source design concept is able to offer a “commercial boost” as the company is committed to “making racing profitable for everyone involved.”

The proposed car has an optional front hybrid system enabling all-wheel-drive KERS to rival manufacturer teams.

With PERRINN announcing it is offering an LMP1 car for next season, the LMP1 class could be receiving a much needed shot in the arm for 2018, with Ginetta also announcing its intention to supply LMP1 cars.



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