Ginetta reveals 2018 LMP1-L plans

4 January 2017

British based racing car manufacturer, Ginetta, has revealed it will become an LMP1 constructor for the 2018 FIA World Endurance Championship.

After a failed bid to become a listed FIA LMP2 chassis constructor, the company has focussed on developing an LMP1-L chassis thanks to the ACO’s five year rule freeze for LMP1 in order to entice more entries.

Initial testing is expected to begin after the 2016 edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans, the car is expected to be 60 kg lighter and have an additional 200 bhp. The company has confirmed it is at an advanced stage in talks with Mecachrome for engine supply and Xtrac for the use of its gearboxes.

The project already has some key appointments with Ginetta recruiting Adrian Reynard  to lead the aero development, Paolo Catone who will be heavily involved in the LMP1-L design along with a newly recruited, yet to be named, head of aerodynamics who brings LMP1-H experience.

“The Ginetta design team’s ability has already been proven by the class dominating Ginetta LMP3 and G57,” said Ginetta chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson. “With Adrian and Paolo on board, the performance of the Ginetta LMP1-L is going to be amazing. We are now offering a genuine ladder for our customers all the way from their first race to Le Mans which is incredibly exciting for me.”

Ginetta will not run a factory outfit and instead plans to build ten chassis with the intention to supply three teams, each running a two-car operation.

“This certainly appeals to my competitive nature,” said Miro Konopka, ARC Bratislava Team Owner. “Aerodynamics, drive-ability and fuel efficiency dominate race car performance in this category.  With the highly talented team of experienced engineers that Ginetta has available, this LMP1-L contender will be designed and developed to challenge at the highest level.  Lawrence has a strong desire to create the very best LMP1-L car available for the privateer and he has the commitment to deliver a production run of these”



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