F1 season delayed as Canadian GP becomes 9th race to be postponed

8 April 2020

The #CanadianGP, due to be held on 14 June, has become the ninth F1 race to be postponed or cancelled this season a result of the #coronavirus crisis. Although still two months away, the organisers had to make a decision now because of the length of time required to set up the track.

 Canadian Grand Prix president @FrancoisDumontier said: “I am proud to see how such wonderful initiatives and technical advancements stemming from Formula 1 are being applied in a time of crisis. At the moment, it is crucial that all of our energies be put together to overcome Covid-19. We will welcome you with open arms at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve as soon as it is safe to do so.”

The first race of the season is now scheduled to be the #FrenchGP on 26 June, but there is uncertainty surrounding it which means that the #AustrianGP on 5 July could be the season opener. The #BritishGP is scheduled for 19 July.

According to @AndrewBensonF1, #Silverstone has been in talks with #F1 and is being considered as a likely starting point for the season in July or August, not least because seven of the 10 teams are based nearby in the south-east of England. There have also been discussions about running two grands prix at Silverstone, the official British Grand Prix and a second event with a different title.

On Monday, 6 April, the F1 teams, F1 and the FIA held a conference call to discuss a number of matters, including extending the shutdown period. The #FIA said the Strategy Group, F1 Commission and the 10 teams gave unanimous approval to extend the shutdown period from 21 days to 35. The #WorldMotorSport Council subsequently ratified the decision.

The shutdown means departments such as design, research and development, production and build must down tools. Teams can enforce their shutdown in March, April and/or May.

The FIA added in its statement: “Further discussions regarding this topic remain open between the FIA, Formula 1 and all teams in light of the ongoing global impact of COVID-19.”


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