L.A.SLEEVE “ProCross-ProCool” Subaru EJ 2.5L Performance Sleeves

8 May 2018

L.A.SLEEVE presents its ProCross ProCool Sport Compact sleeves for the Subaru 2.5L motor. The sleeve kit will allow the engine builder the freedom to boost the motor up to 55lbs psi boost, and rated for 1,320rwp safely. American made and manufactured from our proprietary Moly2000 ductile, the finest iron available. Brinell hardness of 265 ( 98.7 Rockwell B ) our material has greater density than any other sleeve competitor. Greater material density provides consistent grain flow micro-structure. Our centrifugal process involves patented procedures to control our desired graphite and matrix distribution throughout the sleeve. Moly2000 ductile is wear and shock resistant to ensure piston rings riding a stable bore surface, creating ring seal and compression boundries. Metallurgical high carbon ferrous material properties of molybdenum, nickel, graphite nodules, copper, silicon and chromium provide ultimate load bearing ability.

The “ProCross ProCool” cross flow wet flanged sleeve design provides better cooling when water temperture rises. The flanged area of the sleeve is integral to the water cavity, sustaining proper cooling for performance street motors. The vertical peak and valley plateau creates a turbulent cross flowing feature which will hold coolant along the sleeve for a prolonged period. This cooling assistance will allow the motor builder to build a higher performing street motor without the worry of overheating. The sleeves are capable of handling normal aspiration, turbo or nitrous. To learn more visit or call the staff at 562-945-7578.

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