Cosworth employs its motorsport-inspired engineering and manufacturing capabilities to improve vehicle and driver performance. The group supplies electronics and powertrain products and engineering services to high performance vehicle manufacturers, motorsport teams and performance enthusiasts around the world. With headquarters in Northampton, UK, the group has a globally-recognised brand and employs staff across Europe and the USA.

Mechanical Engineering

With over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance engines and related products and components, Cosworth is world-renowned for its expertise in delivering extremely high power density and overall performance without sacrificing reliability in both motorsports and high performance road vehicles.

Cosworth’s engineers achieve unparalleled power density through a combination of unique engineering and engine design intellectual property, experience in supercharging and turbocharging, lightweight materials and specialist solutions such as coatings.

Performance Electronics

Cosworth, through its Pi Research and Pectel brands, has been a leader in the use of electronics in motorsport since the early 1990s. After initially developing windtunnel instrumentation, Cosworth pioneered the “on-vehicle” application of modern electronics technology in the field of data loggers and control solutions such as engine control units (ECUs).

Today, Cosworth remains the market leader in electronics to the global motorsports market. Cosworth is maintaining this lead through investments in sports electronics such as the Cosworth Live On Air solution, which enables large volumes of telemetry data (including HD video) to be streamed in real time over a fast 4G network from fast moving vehicles to a local hub for use by support staff, or to a cloud service for use by consumers on smartphones or other connected devices.

The application of Cosworth electronics platforms outside motorsports has been a major focus area for the company. This has yielded products based on the same intellectual property such as performance tracking and analysis products for the automotive sector.

Precision Manufacturing

Manufacturing at Cosworth is an integral part of our process. Our customers expect solutions that work before the deadline, and one of the ways we can meet these expectations is to offer an end-to-end, single source offering for design and manufacture.

Because Cosworth projects are all about leading edge and high-performance solutions, our manufacturing capability is focused on meeting very challenging requirements.  From “one-off” to volume work, our highly skilled & experienced workforce is used to the demands of high accuracy and short lead time requirements.