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Latest News

Audi R8 LMS establishes new race car generation

Audi R8 LMS establishes new race car generation

Audi is again running in front as one of the first automobil... Read more

Buncombe and Chilton join Nissan’s Le Mans challenge

Buncombe and Chilton join Nissan’s Le Mans challenge

Former F1 racer Max Chilton and Nissan regular Alex Buncombe... Read more

Revealed: Mercedes-AMG GT3

Revealed: Mercedes-AMG GT3

Mercedes-AMG will ring in the 2015 motorsport season at the ... Read more

2015 TCR Asia Series race calendar revealed

2015 TCR Asia Series race calendar revealed

The TCR Asia Series has unveiled an impressive five round ca... Read more

Historic Racing Technology

Full details of the Jaguar Heritage Challenge

Full details of the Jaguar Heritage Challenge

Jaguar and the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) have today announced further details of the Jaguar ... Read more

Recent Race Tech TV Videos

RACE TECH's William Kimberley talks about Caterham F1 on the Phil Gayle radio show
RACE TECH editor William Kimberley talks to Phil Gayle on his BBC breakfast show about the latest developments at Caterham F1 as they go into administration.
BBC South Oxford asks RACE TECH editor, William Kimberley, about Caterham F1's new owners
With news that the Oxfordshire based Caterham F1 team has been referred to the pensions regulator having paid nothing into the pension schemes since new owners took over three months ago, the BBC ask RACE TECH editor William Kimberley who he thinks the new owners may be.
RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium promo - 1 & 2nd Dec 2014
The RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium, also known as the Davos of Motorport, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at Birmingham City University. This year the question will be 'Disruptive Technologies, the case for and against' which is fundamental...
Audi Motorsport's Thomas Laudenbach talks energy effeciency
Audi Motorsport's head of electric, electronic and energy systems Thomas Laudenbach talks to Race Tech TV about the impact of the recent 2014 rule changes.
Bernard Niclot talks rule changes
Race Tech's Chris Pickering asks FIA technical director, Bernard Niclot, his thoughts on how important it is to communicate the recent rule changes to the motorsport spectators and also learns that whilst the rules changes are focused on energy efficiency, the hope is that it will also bring new...
NEW FOOTAGE: Transforming Formula One: 2014 Rules Explained
A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations -- which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. As Dan races to catch up Seb in...
Nissan ZEOD RC - Crash Test
Nismo.TV speaks to Ben Bowlby as he conducts a crucial stage of the amazing ZEOD RC vehicle and development. The world's fastest electric racing car needs to have safety and strength that can function at the extreme speeds and conditions that it will experience at Le Mans. Here is the dramatic...
Alex Hitzinger talks about Porsche's LMP1 project
Race Tech TV asks Porsche's Alex Hitzinger, Motorsport - Director of Engineering LMP1, how their LMP project is progressing, the hardest part of it from an engineering perspective and asks what it's like to start from scratch.
Pascal Vasselon talks LMP1
Race Tech deputy editor Chris Pickering speaks to Toyota technical director Pascal Vasselon about the development of the Toyota LMP1 car and asks in particular what size hybrid system they plan to run.
LIFELINE - extinguishing safety issues in Motorsport
When it comes to safety look no further than Lifeline. Managing director, Jim Morris, talks about waiting for the FIA regulations to be finalised as well as a new system the company has developed using new compression discharge technology. No longer solely involved in motorsport, Lifeline has...

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RACE TECH was created in 1995 to monitor technology, investigate technical solutions and explain engineering applications when they appeared on a racing car.


This is a guiding principle that hasn't changed.


Thankfully, the enterprising and demanding motorsport engineer is always looking for that competitive edge that will make their car go that bit faster, or ensure that the component or system they are developing will enhance the overall performance.


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